Preparing for the next generation: Are we good examples? #SaveKidsLives

Preparing for the next generation: Are we good examples? #SaveKidsLives


1.8 billion kids go to school everyday. 500 lose their lives in traffic crashes. Thousands are injured.


Just in Australia, 204 children aged under 14 were killed and 4440 seriously injured between 2003-2010.

Acclaimed director Luc Besson has collaborated with the campaign #SaveKidsLives to highlight the kid’s fatalities on the road everyday. It is available on YouTube and shows the audiences how easy it is for children to become the subject of road danger and accidents. (Check it out on

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 9.52.12 am

I believe that kid’s road safety is alarmingly becoming a global issue and must be addressed quickly and efficiently to prevent future tragedies.

These lessons should be embedded into the every kids common sense and attitude as they grow, do life, and learn about safety (according to the NSW Centre for Road Safety from Transport for NSW):
– WHERE it is safe to walk and cross the road
– WHEN it is safe to walk and cross the road
– What to LOOK for
– What to LISTEN to
– The need to STOP AND WAIT at the side of the road before crossing
– The need to keep CHECKING until they are safely across the road or the driveway

mom-863050_640 is another website that attempts to create ‘Safe Kids Worldwide’. They even created an infographic on ‘How to not get hit by a car’.

It outlines 7 common ways it happens and some easy tips to keep it from happening.

You might think that it’s common sense and that the public shouldn’t need to be told how: but you will be shocked.

The first, most importantly and most commonly being: Walking while distracted by a phone or headphones. Phones or any other handheld devices are becoming the basic tool for negligence on the roads. It fails to assist or even allow all 5 lessons to be embedded into children’s attitudes.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 9.52.24 am

We can help by foremost, being good examples to any children that may be watching us on the roads.

Children are just developing their brain by developing actions and behaviour that are considered as “socially acceptable”.

This action includes putting down our phones and walking as we look and listen to our surroundings. 

They see us and they copy.
They see us and they understand that it is what the society does.

We are slowly and unknowingly putting our children in danger.
It will become a vicious cycle.

Remember they are still navigating life and their attitudes on roads.
Let’s help them go to school without potential dangers and keep them safe.


8 thoughts on “Preparing for the next generation: Are we good examples? #SaveKidsLives

  1. bethian12 says:

    This is making me think about what is important. I know i think that i alone wont make a difference but i think ppl who know that its dangerous should start.

    I still think i along will achieve nothing but if everyone takes part in not looking down at phones as pedestrians, it will slowly make a positive change. Good food for thought. Well done

    Liked by 1 person

  2. loislee119 says:

    I definitely agree with you @bethian12! I think if everyone strives towards a common goal, it can only lead to good. So I am trying to aware everyone of its dangers. After all, it’s the small actors who can build up to make a big difference! Thank you for your comment 🙂


  3. loislee119 says:

    @cub404 Me too. I didn’t think about how kids would perceive my everyday actions on the road. I am too going to have this in mind every time I am walking around now. Thanks for your comment 🙂 take care!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Eun Bie Lee says:

    Nearly every little kid has a phone in their hands that they will never let go of regardless of where they are going or where they are. I agree with the point that it is really important to make children aware of potential dangers they are putting themselves in by doing such actions.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. loislee119 says:

    I agree! As new generation emerges, so will new technology. I think as our current generation grow and become parents, its important that we embed a safety principle that we too truly believe in and practice (such as not using phones when walking!). Thanks for your comment Eun Bie 🙂


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